June 19, 2023

JASARA Partners with SAP and TechnoVal for Digital Transformation

TechnoVal, an SAP Gold Partner and renowned provider of digital transformation solutions, is excited to announce its strategic partnership with Jasara, a leading project management company and a joint venture between Saudi Aramco, Public Investment Fund (PIF), and Jacobs. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in Jasara’s digital transformation journey, with TechnoVal as its trusted implementation partner.

Rise with SAP: Empowering Jasara’s Digital Transformation Journey

Jasara, with its vision to establish itself as the premier Project Management Company in Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States, and the MENA region, is committed to localization and harnessing the potential of Saudi youths. Through this partnership, TechnoVal will work closely with Jasara to enable its cloud-first approach and drive operational excellence and innovation.

As part of the digital transformation initiative, Jasara will leverage SAP’s flagship cloud ERP solution, Rise with SAP, to simplify its transition to the cloud and become an Intelligent Enterprise. This comprehensive offering includes SAP S/4HANA Cloud, cloud infrastructure, and managed services, empowering Jasara to enhance its business processes, data utilization, and agility.

Embracing a Cloud-First Approach: Jasara’s Vision for Operational Excellence

Building upon this foundation, Jasara will also implement a suite of SAP cloud solutions, such as SAP Ariba for streamlined procurement, SAP SuccessFactors for enhanced HR operations, and SAP Fieldglass for optimal external workforce management. By transforming critical functions across the organization, Jasara aims to drive efficiency, improve decision-making capabilities, and deliver superior value to its stakeholders.

TechnoVal, as the chosen SAP implementation partner, brings a wealth of experience as an SAP Gold Partner with a team of multilingual consultants averaging over 12 years of expertise. Renowned for flawless delivery, customer-friendly consulting, and a high referral rate, TechnoVal is committed to supporting Jasara’s vision and contributing to its success.

This strategic partnership also aligns with Jasara’s commitment to environmental sustainability. By adopting a cloud-first strategy, Jasara reduces the need for on-site servers and hardware, contributing to its broader sustainability goals and supporting the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

As TechnoVal celebrates this collaboration, we express our gratitude to Jasara for selecting us as their trusted partner on this transformative journey. Together, we are poised to revolutionize the project management landscape, drive innovation, and deliver exceptional value to our clients.

For more information about Jasara and its visionary approach to project management, please visit their website at http://jasarapmc.com.

About Jasara:

Jasara, a joint venture between Saudi Aramco, Public Investment Fund (PIF), and Jacobs, is a leading project management company dedicated to establishing itself as the premier player in Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States, and the MENA region. With a focus on localization, transparency, teamwork, trust, and innovation, Jasara harnesses the potential of Saudi youth to support the realization of Vision 2030 and deliver exceptional project management services to its clients.

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