July 10, 2023

TechnoVal Supports MenaBev to enhance their Business with OpenText Extended ECM for SAP

MenaBev tackles process gaps with OpenText xECM for SAP and Master data management by TechnoVal to streamline all content driven business processes.

During their digital transformation phase, MenaBev identified needs for few process automation within its existing Master Data, Business Process and Content Management processes. To overcome these, MenaBev selected OpenText to be technology partner.

OpenText and TechnoVal provided a solution for MenaBev to effectively manage its approval processes, document management and Master Data governance process automation.

The objective of the platform was to streamline and standardize these processes, leading to enhanced efficiency and effectiveness.

This has had a positive impact on the overall performance of the organization, reducing the likelihood of errors or inconsistencies in data management.


The centralized nature of the platform also ensures that all employees within MenaBev have access to the most recent information and are adhering to established protocols.

MenaBev employees from all departments, including Planning, Sales, Warehouse operations, and Management, are now using the deployed solutions on their systems and mobile app, to initiate, approve and check the status of the request or access the necessary documents.

According to MenaBev’s IT Director, Akbar RattaniIt was a fundamental requirement of the project, and once we faced challenges with other tools, we were highly skeptical about OpenText solution ability to meet MenaBev’s objectives. However, to our positive surprise, OpenText and Technoval, worked their magic and implemented the solution effortlessly.

MenaBev experienced seamless collaboration with the TechnoVal team during this hybrid implementation to operate remotely and / or on-site with the necessary tools.

Meetings and information sharing proceeded smoothly, and the TechnoVal team also made on-site visits for requirements gathering and tool testing, resulting in improved user experience and quicker resolution of queries. The implementation was ultimately a great and efficient success.


About MenaBev

MenaBev is an exclusive bottler and distributor for PepsiCo beverage products in the Western Region of Saudi Arabia, with markets in Yemen and some Northern African countries. Headquartered in Jeddah, it has more than 1,400 employees geographically spread across 13 locations. MenaBev’s manufacturing facility is highly automated and is considered as the world’s largest Pepsi bottling plant. High speed filling lines, laser guided vehicles, automated warehouse and automated truck loading systems are some of the key features of this facility.

About TechnoVal

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