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SAP Customer Experience (SAP CX) is a customer relationship management (CRM) solution and successor to SAP CRM. This provides end-to-end insights across the value chain, allowing you to connect real-time business data and signals to improve loyalty, customer retention, and revenue.  SAP CRM aids in the analysis and management of customer interactions and data throughout the entire customer lifecycle. It helps to create improved customer experiences, better customer service, and enhanced business relationships, ultimately leading to an increase in revenue.

SAP Customer Xperience

SAP Marketing

With SAP Marketing, drive increased demand and conversions by effectively engaging the customers. This can be accomplished by providing personalized experiences through various marketing channels, which can lead to growth and revenue while maintaining customer satisfaction and loyalty. It is crucial to create a dependable customer profile, analyze performance, and optimize marketing strategies in real-time to deliver the most efficient end-to-end customer experience.

SAP Sales and Service Cloud

SAP Sales and Service Cloud is designed to help businesses manage their sales and service interactions more efficiently. It does this by facilitating the exchange of signals between front- and back-office solutions and providing a unified view of the customer. With SAP Cloud for Customer, businesses can gain a better understanding of their customers, streamline their operations, and ultimately improve their bottom line.

SAP Commerce

SAP Commerce on-premise solution helps you to engage with your customers on any device. The extendable, modular architecture offers a strong platform for creating pertinent and individualised experiences that keep your customers coming back.

While SAP Commerce Cloud Offers cutting-edge customer experiences and is a very adaptable and modular platform. Any project will be successful thanks to its expansive library of functionality. It offers a standardized, automated, end-to-end solution that enables the release of code from the repository to the cloud for your projects.

SAP Emarsys

SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement, tracks customer interactions with your channels and makes accurate predictions both on how and when consumers like to be reached and helps you deliver personalized, real-time engagements at a scale that increases retention and loyalty.

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